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A simple guide to copywriting...

and how I can help you.

Great brands are anchored by brilliant copy.

Launching a brand? I can write commanding copy to establish your brand as an industry leader. Brand refresh? I can direct the tone and style to reflect your new identity. Want copy that is packed with SEO keywords? Yep, I can do that too.

From blogs to brochures, content adds interest. So make it interesting.​


Content is information that your clients and customers will find relevant. That's the key: it must hold interest for them. I do print content such as advertorials, brochures and leaflets. I do online content too, including blogs, interviews and news articles.

Ready to trumpet your success? You need a newsletter.

The secret to a good newsletter? It's not (all) about you. A good newsletter might include your news, a relevant story, a fun titbit and a reason to click through to your site. I can create that for you. Oh, and I am bit of a Mailchimp whizz, too.

You can't buy style, but you sure as heck can write it.

The tone and style of your copy dictates how your customers and clients perceive you. If you know how you want to be seen, I can turn your ideas into excellent copy. If you don't know, I can help you work it out.