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Never let anyone say your business is innovative

July 4, 2017

Congratulations: you’ve hit on a business idea that is already proving lucrative and useful. Now you’ve hired a copywriter to tell the world and they have returned five shiny pages of copy that makes your business sing: your brand is awesome. It’s unique. It’s truly innovative and boasts a plethora of new initiatives.


Who wouldn't want to hear such a glowing endorsement of the company you have dedicated time, energy and blood (probably) to build?


Answer: your customers, and that’s just for starters.


Descriptives like the above are overused at best, meaningless at worst; if your copywriter is using them, he or she is doing you, and your business, a disservice. 


Like music and fashion, literature and food, words follow trends. Deriving from cultural trends and societal shifts, certain words emerge in popular lexicon and rapidly disseminate everywhere from the classroom to the boardroom.


We read them everywhere, so it is easy to think that you are connecting with your customers by ascribing them to your brand. Wrong. Your copy should persuade customers to buy into your ideals, not appropriate theirs.Popularity renders words inert and clients see through trends. They won’t be swayed by the relentless positivity of words like ‘awesome’ and they won’t be intrigued by your ‘innovative’ idea – they would rather know what you are improving, and why they should buy into it. 


Whether you are a copywriter or a business owner, these are some of the tired, hackneyed words and phrases you should avoid at all costs.


Boutique: Do you mean you are a small business? Or do your clients largely belong to a single demographic? What does this mean?


Curated: You have chosen your products to meet your customers’ tastes. 


Eclectic : You offer choice.


Iconic: Are you honestly comparing your business to Elizabeth Taylor and the Eiffel Tower? 


Once-in-a-lifetime: Amazon now delivers food. Nothing is unrepeatable anymore.


Passionate: You want to convey your belief in what you do, I know, but everyone is passionate about something these days. Pick something else.


Unique: Don’t get me started...


Your copywriter may well think your business is awesome and the copy they produce will be all the better for their approach. Just don’t let them say so.




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