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Welcome to the Passed Life project

What is the Passed Life project?

Organ failure is a unique condition. It comes, it goes, it is active, it is dormant. It cannot be cured, only treated, and it can be fatal: NHS figures from 2016 revealed that over 450 patients died that year while waiting for a new organ. There is no medication for organ failure: the most effective treatment is transplant and that is only possible when one person chooses to help another. We can, and do, save each others' lives every day. 

Passed Life is an Instagram-based project that aims to increase awareness of organ donation to ease suffering and prevent deaths. We do this by telling the stories of those affected: from donors and recipients, to friends and relatives, to doctors, surgeons, researchers – and beyond. By telling our stories, we hope to offer insight into what life is like when you are waiting for a transplant, and to relay the life-changing, life-saving benefits of receiving one.


We are not dogmatic in our approach. We are not here to force people to become donors and we are respectful of everyone's right to choose. We simply hope to dispel myths surrounding organ donation, to offer answers and reassurance, and we do this in the hope that, should the time come, we all might choose to save a life.

You can now view the project on Instagram at @passed_life.

How to get involved

To share your story:

Whatever your association with organ failure, we want to hear from you. We need:

   -  A head and shoulder headshot of you, preferably taken by someone else against a pale or neutral background.

   -  Your organ donation story. For instance: what does organ donation mean to you? Why is it important to you? What                               reassurances might you give to anyone who is considering becoming a donor? We have intentionally left the brief open for you         to interpret and would like to hear your voice shine through. Please note: there is a 300 word limit.

   -  Your name, age, and Instagram handle. 

Please send to hello@rosyedwards.com with Passed Life as the subject.

To contribute an illustration:

As the Passed Life project is based on Instagram, we are also looking for creative illustrations that represent organ donation. This may be a drawing of an organ, a sketch of someone who has been affected or simply whatever your imagination creates. It preferably should be presented on a pale or neutral background.

To contribute an illustration, simply upload it to Instagram, tag @passed_life and include any comment you would like to share. We will upload your illustration onto our feed and attribute the design to you. 

Passed Life is an altruistic project that raises awareness but not money. As such, we are unfortunately unable to offer a fee for contributions. Much like organ donation, the project relies on altruism and generosity and we receive all contributions with a huge amount of gratitude. 


About Passed Life

The Passed Life project is founded by author and journalist Rosy Edwards. Rosy developed kidney failure as a child and received her first kidney transplant from her mum (thanks Mum) in 1997. After 10 years of good health, the kidney rejected and she spent five years on haemodialysis, and four on the waiting list, finally receiving a kidney from a deceased donor in 2013. She remains well, and incredibly grateful.